Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Sad is the heart that goes unspoken

Sad is the heart that goes unspoken

"Walking in a lie is much harder than walking in the truth": DeAndre Littles

 Many of us live our lives one day at a time and never leave it all on the table to make it to tomorrow. We let our heart hurt for the sake of another day. Its never ok to hold in your feelings. Take time to speak your mind or heart. Who is to judge a bleeding heart but yourself. Living to see another moment or day without knowing is more painful then it would be to express your affection to a person or share a moment with a person. Share your heart and share your feelings it will make you live a happier life knowing rather than not knowing. Live in fear and die or with a broken heart. I rather die with the broken heart of knowing than live a life of regret.

Find yourself a relationship that you can be open and find true love. Being open with a partner will make things a lot easier in life than living in fear of telling the person the truth. I love my wife and tell her what is on my heart. It is not always the easiest thing to do but again I rather have a death from the broken heart I have then live in regret of not telling her the truth. I have hidden many secrets from her that came to light and made things much harder than had I told her from the first time it happened. This lesson taught me that telling the truth may hurt for two seconds but hiding a secret is hard work and can come back to hurt so much more than a truthful heart.

What are your thoughts and view on this? Is it better to live in fear of telling or is it better to tell the truth and live through the honest pain? please comment below and we will address the pain together.

"Life is too short..... live for a moment of truth... live in honesty or die in regret" DeAndre Littles

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  1. I would much rather get the truth out there on the table and work from there. Like you said, keeping secrets and making up lies requires hard work that often times is naught in the end. At the end of the day we all make mistakes, but being able to own our mistakes is what separates grownups from children. And then you have to think about your image. You never want to be known as a liar or dishonest person because in today's society trust is hard to earn from the jump.

  2. Thank you YUMMommy I appreciate the feedback. The honesty in relationship seems to fall short for many of us in life and its quite sad. I believe the work we put into lying is the effort we should put back in romance.