Friday, March 21, 2014

5 simple ways to tell you don't have a gentleman

Even at the age of 10 I knew what it took to be a true gentleman. It amazes me that men who 18+ still just don't get the basics. I thought today that this would be a good time to put them on notice. If your guy falls a little short on this list don't worry. Now, if he misses the list completely then I would say its time to start requiring more from him.
Do you ever look at older movies and watch the car door be open for women back then and wonder why your significant other doesn't do that for you? Have you ever caught yourself walking through a door that wasn't held open for you as your significant other walked through it? Wonder why you are still going Dutch or paying for dinner in that relationship? Could it be time to open your eyes to see the truth? How do you know? Here are 5 simple ways to tell your guy just isn't a gentleman.
5 Simple ways to tell you don't have a gentleman
  1. You guy is not self sufficient: Ever notice that your guy can't cook, clean, repair or provide any real adult fashion for themselves. Gentlemen know how to provide for themselves no matter what the situation they are in currently. Now let me clarify by cooking I do not mean he can put something in the microwave and he does not have to be able to cook a 5 course meal but he should be able to make a decent meal for himself. When I say cleaning I mean I don't mean just taking out trash or cleaning dishes but being able to wash clothes and help organize the home.
  2. Your guy doesn't understands gifts: Does your significant other give flowers only when they do something wrong or just because its a holiday? Does he give you gifts just because its Wednesday? Your significant other should be to understand expressing Love or emotions through a proper gift that he gives you. All gifts should have a meaning and shouldn't be frivolously given out without some indication of the meaning of the gift.
  3.  Your guy doesn't treat elder women like his mother or grandmother: Does your significant other treat women older than himself with the respect they deserve? When they see older women around themselves do they choose to curve their language or assist them when the opportunity present itself. As you get older they would expect a younger man to respect you as they do themselves. This should not be taken lightly because if you notice this now this may be how they treat you in the future themselves.
  4.  Your guy doesn't defends your honor: When you are in a social setting does your significant other stand up for you? If he doesn't do it while you are standing there most likely he allows others to disrespect you without you being present. If you know your significant other allows certain conversation to happen in front of you, such as talking about your sex life or how other women look better, that is an issue.
  5. Your guy doesn't open and hold doors for women: When is the last time there was a door held open for you or a car door opened to escort you to your destination. This is not something that has gone out of style but seems many men have forgotten this basic step. I have seen men run to the door just to avoid holding the door open for a lady. If he does not open the car door for you every time that is not terrible because honestly it will not happen all the time but their should be an attempt made at least when you are headed on a date.
 Have you ever notice any of this happening in your relationships? Does it only start out that way and slowly goes away day by day? What would you say are other signs that you noticed that are not listed? Please share a comment with your thoughts.
"Sometimes you have to open both eyes to see the truth" 
DeAndre Littles

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