Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Secret life of Good Man

I wanted to share something for my readers that I thought they might like to read which is an insight to Good Men. First do I consider myself to be a Good Man, sure. We men lead simple but yet complicated lives just like women do on a everyday basis. We have hopes and dreams that we may never accomplish and get disappointed when we don't obtain them. We also look in the mirror and sometimes do not like what we see and want to cry that we are not more like the next guy. We look at the media and other things and will find we feel as though we fall short of being better. We Good Men are just like you Good Women out there who are searching to find ourselves and other half. Many times we go searching for Love to fall short of your expectation and get rejected. We wonder what you are thinking at times because we can be just as insecure as you are about yourselves. We want to be perfect for you and hope you find it in your heart to Love us. We have been programmed many times to not let you in because we have that fear of not being loved back or being seen as weaker. Many of the clichĂ©s of being a "Real Man" have influenced us to be the way we are in life. We try to find what works for us and go for what we know will hopefully lead to you at least showing us some interest. Good Men out there lead normal lives like everyone else but feel like we are passed over for someone who will never Love you as much as we will. I know many times I felt like that until I got married to my wife who Loves me for some crazy reason. We Love hard just like you do and will put our all into the person with the hopes of a small kiss, hug, or little sign of Love at the end of the day. We want what you want in life but you do not see us like we are invisible. We Good Men are still out there but are built by your Love you put into us to be better men. Ever wonder why a guy always wakes up and tells you Good Morning... its because you were the last thing he thought of when he went to sleep and the first thing we think of when we wake up in the morning. We are thankful you are in our lives even though you are just our friend and dating some other guy who does not appreciate you as much as we do. We are the one you talk to when you are upset because we are one of the few men in your life who will understand or want a males perspective. We do all that we can for you to see us but you choose to be blind to the qualities we have to be the friend and lover you want in your life. We feel like cellophane to all women because they see right through us to someone less worthy. We are afraid to say something because we are likely to be told you rather be friend and it hurts our hearts to be unloved the way we want to Love you. You spend all day complaining we do not exist until we found someone who gave us an opportunity and we find out they are better for us and then complain all the "Good Men" are taken. You will find us everywhere in Church, Grocery store, or even in the club. Not all men who go to church are good men and not all men who go to the Club are bad men you just have to open your mind and your heart to find the real ones who are Good Men. To give some personal side of myself in this secret life of a Good Man. I probably have been a friend or associate of over 1,000 women in my life. I have seen women date men who were dating them for all the wrong reasons and I have seen women date men because they showed them a little attention. I have shed tears over a woman. I found myself at one point so lost that I began acting like less than a Good Man would act just to find it did not make me happy. I know Good Men who are around me all the time and would give the world to a woman but instead they continue to just be that friend. Now let me clarify we as Good Men Love our friendship and we know the importance of our role but wish a lot of times you would open your eyes and see us for what we really can be to you. Ask your best guy friend sometime if he has ever been attracted to you or wish you ever dated? If his answer is anything less than yes then more than likely he is lying to you because all of us have been there with a best friend or good friend who is female and had that hope of being more than we are to you.

Do we Good Men live in secret? Not really. Its just hard for us to be seen sometimes. Open your eyes and look through your heart and maybe you will see the Good Men out there in your life.

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"Good guys always finish last, only because we are holding the door open for a Good Woman"
DeAndre Littles

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