Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Women's Worth Wednesday

Wednesday will from now on be my woman's worth Wednesday. This will be a day to show honor to the women in my life and talk about a woman's worth. So, I decided to write this first entry about a woman's true worth.

So many woman do not know their worth it is kind of sad to me. This spoke to me because I used to be a womanizer in my life. I would go from woman to woman and never cared about how they felt and they allowed me to do it because they never knew their worth. I eventually grew out of that phase of my life and reflect on the pain I caused to them and myself. I know a true woman's worth since I am a husband and father now. These were life changing factors to me ( I would say men but I know men out there having 5 and 6 different women as their children's mother and do not let it effect them). I look at women through different eyes and want to explain how all women should know their worth. As a woman do you look in the mirror and wonder how come you don't look as beautiful as the next woman? I am sure some of you will say Yes and some will say No. For the woman who say No good for you. You appear to not care about what others look like and that is the first step into understanding your worth. For the women who said Yes then I want you to take another look at that mirror and find all your beautiful things about yourself. Do you have beautiful long or short hair? Do you have a smile that could light up a room? Do you have eyes that lead into a beautiful soul? I'm sure you do because I see it whenever I look at women around me. Now, I can tell you everyday all day that you are beautiful, of course I will continue too, but it will not matter unless you can see it as well. You beautiful women deserve a special thank you from all men around you because with out a beautiful woman in their life then they wouldn't exist. Take time for yourself to appreciate yourself. If that is getting your nails done, hair done, or just taking a picture of yourself do it. Show yourself some self appreciation because you deserve it. Always know that if no man has ever told you were beautiful I will tell you right now that you are beautiful to me. Have I seen you? Maybe or maybe not? That doesn't matter to me because if I saw you I would see the beauty in God's work. If you are in a relationship or when you are in your next relationship make sure your significant other understands your worth. What I mean by this is to say when you plan on being with someone let them know you are worth the wait. Whatever your wait is that is for you to decide. If it is waiting on you while you prepare for an evening/date, or even if it is sex. No man ever has the right to tell you when to be ready for something that you are not ready for because you worth more than life it self.

Do you ever feel like you aren't good as the next woman? Do you think you now your true worth? Write me or leave a comment below and tell me what your worth is to you.

"Love yourself and the rest of the world will Love you too"
DeAndre Littles

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