Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Women's Worth Wednesday

This week for my Woman's Worth Wednesday I thought I would discuss Loving yourself first. Do you feel less than worth it or less than the next woman? Many women find themselves always comparing themselves to the next woman because many men judge beauty by what is on the outside. To this I say stop!!! Do not be shackled to external features because if you use rotten apples with an apple pie it won't be seen until you dig in and take that first bite. Now, Loving yourself is more than dealing with the inside beauty and the outside beauty. Loving yourself first deals with being thankful for that you are given in life. There are so many alternative lives you could of been given that could be way worse. So find the things that make life worth living and be thankful for them in your life. Also a great post by someone acquaintance was believe in yourself and within there you will find a second inspirational line of Be You. This honestly spoke to me this morning and it fit so well with Loving yourself. If you believe in yourself and continue to be you than you will be just fine in life. So, one other point I wanted to share if nothing else is that if you are not happy with the you that you are because you are unhealthy or because medically you have had issues then make changes to your diet or workout. There is nothing that you can't accomplish in life if you make that choice.

Look inside today and find something to say this is why I am awesome!! Take a few seconds to even write them down and post them in your bathroom on your front door on your computer!!! Where ever you can read the message then put it there for you to always remind yourself YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL AND AMAZING!!! Enjoy your Woman's Worth Wednesday!!!!

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"Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, always remember you have two eyes too"
DeAndre Littles

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