Tuesday, March 25, 2014

This is what a broken heart feels

As I always write to my readers this will be an honest moment from me to you. Do you know what it feels to have your heart hurting. Do you know the pain of deceit? I do I know it all to well... I've been hurt so many times by friends, associates, and co-workers. My heart aches to be relieved of this pain I feel... When someone pours their heart to you don't let it be poured in vain. If the person is vulnerable enough to share with you the feelings they have just say something. Good or bad is better than nothing at all.... The heart wants what it wants in life and no matter what you do to control the heart it will still decide what is best.. As I lay my feelings in the wind it feels as if it is a drift among the feelings of other who have had their heart broken and can't shed a tear because like me they are all cried out for this lifetime. Never shall they express a heart felt message that will help others but they will feel bitter sweet as people tell them that they care about them. I always try to tell the truth and lay it all on the line with my feelings and true emotions but I can't help but cry when I feel so lost in the mist of the unknown. I tried to be honest about how I am to the world but you don't understand. I've told my wife how I feel and she understood there is an underlying desire in my heart but no one will ever understand me. I'm a lost heart in search of healing than can only be found in love.... I love my wife and I would never leave her but this is something different that I can't quite put my finger on but I know it exist. You had your chance and now its gone because I'm just a number in your book and never a true name.... This is a post for the forgotten and unloved because I will love you when no one else will.....

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