Thursday, March 13, 2014

Does He Love Me or Does He Not

Good Morning just wanted to take time to talk about love in a relationship this morning. The subject of love is always so hard for many of us to understand and many of us may never truly understand it. The real question many of my friends ask me about is does he really love me?

I write about things I know and things that I understand and this is one subject [LOVE] that I continue to try to explain. So to put things simply for my readers I say you will always know when someone truly loves you. Many people will ask well how do I simply just know? Well, ask yourself does he show signs that he loves you or does he just like you. When looking for these signs most times it something within your heart you have to search. Love from a man comes from his inner emotion and when a man is in his emotion nothing else matters. Love from a real man will show through his action because the cliché goes action speak louder than words. It is so easy to hear a man tells you he loves you but if he is not showing you in any actions of it then he might just only like you or something about you. Love is real tangible thing in life because you can feel it in a special touch that sends something all through your body. It is something you can see with your eyes that makes your heart get excited to see. You can even taste it in the kiss that he gives you at random moments. So many woman question a man's love because they have insecurities in themselves that doesn't allow them to accept the love he is giving. Love can go unspoken and it feel like you have heard it a million times. That will always happen when you have a true sense of love with someone. For those still questioning if he really loves you simply asked him. It may be hard to get an honest answer but look at him when he says it. Is there passion behind his words? Is there an uncertainty in the way he says it? You just might get your answer right there on the spot. Now if you have only known each other for a short period of time then when you hear someone say they Love you then it may mean they only Love things about you. Now I'm not hear to say that someone can't Love someone in an instance but Love is like a plant. It starts with a little seed and grows through care and attention. If you don't continue to do these things then that Love can die or will never have grown in the first place.

So do you think he Loves you? If you are still thinking about it then he just might Love you......

Just wanted to thank the person who sent in the question to me and wished to remain anonymous in my writing today. Good Question!!! I will continue to take questions from anyone who wants to send me them. Please follow and comment on the topic if you have some insight or questions

"Love is a simple thing that our brain always complicates"
DeAndre Littles

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